How To Create Out Of The Box Wedding Designs

After serving so many brides in this industry, you can trust me when I tell you that all brides do not fit into one box! That’s because every bride has her own personality and style. Although it may resemble that of her mother or close friend, with a small amount of effort and closer review we will see that she is one of a kind. It is her uniqueness that should be spotlighted at her wedding, engagement, and events. Isn’t this how her family and guest have come to know and see her?

Often times I meet with brides who have visualized their décor and formed their desires based only on the pictures that they have seen in the wedding magazine, watched on the latest wedding television show, or saw at a friend’s wedding or other event. There is definitely nothing wrong with this. However, these ideas should become what we like to call, “Out Of the Boxed”. This simply means taking it to the next level and making it yours! It begins when the bride explores what it was about the idea that appealed to her and then she gives it a life of its own by applying her own personality and style. Now it has become something new and not the same old cookie-cutter run-of-the-mill idea.

Many brides are faced with cookie-cutter ideas because they haven’t taken the time to inquire of themselves. They haven’t asked themselves what they really want or want to see when they enter their venue for the first time. This question is at the beginning of the out of the box thinking process. Almost every child has seen the princess get married and ride away in the beautiful carriage. She rode away with her and their dreams of what their wedding would be like. At this particular point in life the princess wedding theme was ideal because it fit in perfectly with her fairy tale theme of what her life would be like.

In all honesty, not much has changed as the child has grown into an adult. She still desires to be the princess but now she has her own kingdom and her own specific ideas of how it should look and be run. It’s these ideas that should be reflected in the wonderful event that she is planning. Ideas like these will set her event apart from every other bride’s by ensuring that it is unique, warm, and heartfelt. In actuality, isn’t her truest desire to have her guests talking about her soiree for years to come?

One sure way to have this happen is for the bride to take her ideas outside of the box! This can be done by simply adding her personality and style to everything that makes up her event. If the bride gives thought to some of the events that she has attended, the ones that still stand out in her mind and memory are those with unusual décor or act. Whether it was- a certain act, color, song, or centerpiece she will never forget the way it made her feel. In the end, when the bride has applied her personality and style, this is what the event is truly about…how it made the bride, groom, and the guest feel.